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If you want the best chance of submitting a successful planning proposal, please contact us on 01326 281076 or via the Enquiry Form above regarding our 'Full Planning Permission Service'.

Use The Wind

Use The Wind Ltd,   experience & service

We are an established, independent wind turbine company, fully MCS accredited, using trained NICEIC electricians & adhering to the REAL assurance scheme. Sounds good but what does that mean?

“Use The Wind Ltd” are independent, so not forced to stick with a single turbine supplier, allowing us to offer a full range of wind turbines. With our 18 years of experience we find reliable turbines & offer them at realistic prices.

MCS accreditation is recognition that we are competent installers, with an acceptable office & business setup; checks are made to ensure high standards are maintained. Accreditation allows us to register new installations with Gemserve in order for them to be eligible for the Feed In Tariffs (FIT)

Using approved NICEIC electricians shows our commitment to only undertaking electrical work to the highest electrical standards.

Working within the REAL assurance scheme offers total protection for our clients; it covers most areas from security of the deposit, to honest predictions of production likely to be anticipated on individual sites, setting out a framework for all clients to company communications.


Use The Wind Limited's, wind turbines

With the onset of climate change, the use of renewable energy sources has become the goal of both businesses & individuR9000 generating power to support farmals. “Use The Wind Ltd” wind turbines provide cost effective green energy, not only making self-sufficiency a real option but also enabling money to be made from day one. The wind generators provide electricity at low wind speeds, & keep producing even up to high wind conditions. Many advances have been made from the older windmills; our modern wind turbines are sleek, quiet, & reliable with an expected life of 20 to 25 years. The electricity produced from the wind generator can be either stored in batteries until needed, or via a “grid-tie” connection to the “mains” supply, your utility provider actually pays you for your spare electricity. Our wind turbines produce a stable 230 volt alternating current which mimics the supply from your electricity company, so no harm will come to any of your appliances, and you just use the electricity, the only difference being:- this electricity is free, but that’s not all, with the Feed In Tariffs an additional bonus comes just for producing green energy.

“Use The Wind Ltd” offers a full range of wind turbines, from 5 kW upwards, which means there is a turbine that generates the right amount for each property. Within the description of each wind turbine is an estimate of the total electric production produced in one year, obviously actual generation will depend on how windy your site is, but the indicated figure is not exaggerated, so if you have a reasonably windy spot you will get this type of electricity production. If you wish to help the environment, reduce climate change, & make money from a free green energy source, please contact us either by telephone or e-mail.



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